Days of Play recap

A quick summery of the event

Days of Play has finished. The event started on the 18th of May ended today on the 9th of June. Just over 3 weeks players had the chance to strive for objectives, like new avatars and new themes for their PlayStation. We previously mentioned there where a lot of games in sale during these days. Over 200 (!) games had some kind of sale, variating from in-game tokens and DLC’s to full games. We look back at the phases Days of Play had and what kind of rewards there could be achieved.

Phase 1 was lasted a week, from May 18th till May 25th. The first objective was to play 2.5 million games as a community. When playing a game for one hour it would be counted as played. In addition, to win prizes, trophies had to be achieved, 7.2 million to be exact. When achieving those goals all players would get a free avatar and a free theme. However, when reaching bonus goals, having 3.0 million games to be played and achieve to have 8.8 million trophies, there would be an additional prize. Three additional avatars would be acknowledged as a reward. The first phase was a promising start with having all goals completed, the main goals and the additional goals what brings us to the second phase of the Days of Play.

Phase 2 started on the 25th of May and ended on June 1st. Sony raised the bar for the second phase. The gaming objective was raised by 500.000 meaning there had to be at least 2.9 million games to be played. For the bonus reward there had to be an additional 700.000 games played coming to a total of 3.6 million games. The amount of trophies that had to earned was also increased. The main goal was to get 8.5 million trophies and to achieve the bonus rewards it would be 10.4 million. Getting 5 new avatars where the main reward, for the additional objectives there would be another three avatars been rewarded.

The last phase of Days of Play ended on the 9th of June. In the current progress bar can be seen that both base criteria are reached. The criteria of 3 million games were achieved and even more than that. Unfortunately, this was not enough to meet the bonus target. There are over 3.4 million games played, to complete the additional goal there lacks 300.000 games that had to be played. The trophy’s main objective is also completed. The goal was to have 9 million trophies and the event ended with having 9.4 million trophies achieved. The secondary objective was to reach 11 million trophies. So, the third event ended without bonus rewards. However, since all main objectives are achieved a special third theme is rewarded.  Rewards for reaching the community goals of each Stage will be delivered via PS4 and PS5 system notifications approximately 1-2 days after the Phase ends. 


The event had some amazing stats. There where at least 8.3 million games played during the three phases. Which means 8.3 million hours! In that period there where over 24.5 million trophies earned! Because of the commitment during the event at least six new avatars and two new dynamic themes where realized. A great effort had been made by the community to achieve those goals. In our opinion the Days of Play were amazing. Realizing that every hour on average 3 trophies where earned is incredible. The number of different games that had to be played to achieve those numbers is huge! The content in combination with the sales made this year’s event great. Sony offered some quality content and some banging discounts. We noticed that the last two days PlayStation also put the PlayStation Plus membership on a discount. The membership can be bought with a discount of 25 percent, dropping the price from €60 to €45. Nevertheless, we can’t be purely positive about the event. Even though it was a great success, some things could have been better. The dynamic themes for example can’t be used on the PlayStation 5. So, 3 rewards are kind of useless for PlayStation 5 owners.  We would love to see some changes in the near future for the next events. Days of Play brought some quality moments with them, and we can’t wait for next year!


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