Pilot a punchy car-mech in bonkers free brawler Deusimator

It’s also, somehow, a boxing game.

Deusimator, then. Like Pacific Rim, it’s a game about battling enormous monsters, mainly with giant robo-fists rather than with piddly missile weapons. Or rather, it’s a game about battling one enormous monster, which is wandering about a desert, minding its own monstery business.

That’s where you come in, a person, in a car that’s been transformed into a mech. In this compact thesis project, you have to drive the car-mech around, but also use it to biff the creature, with the aid of mechanical fists and projectiles springing out of its front.

Deusimator knows that we play mech games for the almost tactile experience of piloting a giant tank-exoskeleton-robot thing. The simulation is the fantasy: all those levers to pull, all those buttons to push from a first-person view. There are plenty of those to fiddle with in this strange, funny, original brawling game that has you going all Rocky Balboa on an alien sasquatch.

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