Warzone end event recap

We are now a couple days in the new season of Call of Duty Warzone and it’s time look back at the end event.

Let us start with a quick recap. Zombies appeared in Verdansk in the then new area Shipwreck. They spread over the map in popular locations such as TV station, Hospital, Supermarket and more places. By starting the small Zombie events, bigger and better loot boxes could be achieved by killing all the zombies.

On the end event the normal Battle Royal function was switched off and only the end event was playable. All the previous infected zones became bigger during the end event while the mission was to survive for 15 minutes. Nevertheless, the gas quickly came and pushed players to the north west side of the map, close to Dam. However, getting kills was not as easy as before. Because shooting someone made them turn into a zombie! Activision dropped a lot of shotguns for the close combats that where there because of the zombies. So that was a major plus in our opinion and increased to chance to survive longer against zombies.

As a zombie it was your goal to kill all the other remaining players. Equipped with teargas bombs, EMP grenades and the possibility to make super jumps! Players noticed it was hard to survive and one of the things Activision did was dropping Juggernaut supply drops. Three heavy suits, close to 100 remaining players battle to get the suit, just imagen the chaos! Most players changed tactics and would battle for the trucks like Bertha or the SUV. By having a car, the chances to survive longer definitely increased. We definitely liked the fact the as a zombie, we were equipped with the EMP grenade. Turning the cars engine of for a few seconds to attack the survivors in the car was a big plus. On the other hand, it could be quite frustrating while driving the car. Since multiple people wanted to ride a car. You felt lucky if you managed to capture one. What we also liked was the fact that as a zombie you kept respawning. Hitting a car to make it explode and blew yourself up accidently? It happened more often than we would like to admit but knowing we would come back again made us play more reckless. Taking far more danger then as trying to survive. It was a big advantage of being a zombie.

Coming to the 11th minute mark, the infected zone at Dam disappeared. An evacuation chopper entered the scene. The remaining players who were no zombies had to come to Dam to start the evacuation. Imagen seeing trucks and cars fly over cliffs, being chased by hordes of zombies. Nothing would describe pure chaos more. The worst part was landing near the evacuation zone, just to see the evacuation chopper being blown up… No one would survive at the beloved Verdansk. And the first event ended with a cut scene, showing how the nuclear bombs were activated and hitting the church (what is truly a fire station) between Stadium and the gas station on the corner of Downtown. After a few tries to survive, the game mode started to bother us a little bit. Surviving almost till the clocked turned down, accomplished to have a car, even having achieved to have the Juggernaut and a car, it still was not enough to survive. Combining it with the fact that the normal Battle Royal mode was disabled made us turn off the game after a few rounds of games.

Two to three hours later players where able to play at Rebirth island. It was the second part of the end event. Normally Rebirth island is a lot of chaos in broad daylight. However, this event was completely in the dark. Roze skin users had a big advantage in the dark areas of the map. Getting killed on Rebirth island didn’t turn you in to a zombie this time. Nevertheless, the starting point of the map was way smaller than it used to be. After turning in a zombie for several times in the earlier stage of the event, it was nice to have a bit of the actual Battle Royal feeling again. A downside was that people choose to be camping in corners or on loadouts to reach the victory of the game mode. What do you think about camping, is it a good tactic or is just because of lack of skills?

At 06.00 in the morning, it was possible to instal the 24 GB update Activision had provided. Are you curious about our opinion about the map, the new areas, and the unlockable skin? Take a look at the article here.