Warzone map season 3

Season three finally started! The long wait is over after the end event we are finally able to play the new map and discover new areas and inspect if our beloved drop zones changed for the best. There is even a new skin that can be unlocked by completing contracts.

Like mentioned in our previous article, at 06.00 in the morning it was possible to instal the update and start playing. An impressive cutscene introduced the new 80’s look over Verdansk. Activision put a lot of effort in to make the story look good. As a fan of Warzone, we loved to see the scene and where hyped to start playing.

The speculations that swerved around where mostly true. New places like Summit and Factory are added to the Verdansk map. The once hypermodern stadium turned into a classic stadium what more looks like the Colosseum. The once beloved roof top of stadium is no longer their and makes it a more open gunfight place then a long-distance battle.

The whole maps have a bit of a blue filter over it and Activision even added some new trees what seems like they will change during the seasons. One of our beloved drop zones, between TV station and Stadium are the gardens. From that place it is a quick walk to the new Array terrain. The huge construction can be seen from the helicopters. You read the well, the plane is no longer there. Now there is a whole peloton of helicopters where you drop out. Nevertheless, the new Array terrain is located where first the hospice tents used to be. An absolute improvement of the game! Snipers can settle down on the construction and duels can be fought in the new buildings.

© Activision

Another new place we’ve been crawling around are the Salt Mines. The Salt Mines are located close to the not so popular area of Query. Just like Query the Salt Mines don’t have the great feeling that sucks you in to the game. Nevertheless, Activision made the Salt Mines an eye-catching spot, with the red pools of water it clearly grabbed our attention. However, exploring the place made us quickly go to more densely populated areas to have some real action.

Where previously Dam was located the nuke changed the better of it. The new place called Gora Summit. Ask us about it and we can only be excited! The previous dam has been turned in to a beautiful landscape, multiple buildings, and some special features. This makes the Summit a super drop zone if you ask us! You can work your way down from the top of the map and play yourself to victory.

Activision has more new areas such as Factory and old mine. However, they refurbished multiple building and added apartments that are under construction. A popular snipe spot for example in Downtown is also under construction. We are talking about one of the highest points in the game, the Broadcast tower. Activision states that ‘’The interior is now more accessible, with an interior stairwell running to the top of three unfinished floors where views and long-range takedowns are spectacular’’. Nevertheless, the nearby crane made it more difficult to keep position.

Like every time there is a new Warzone season, the gulag changes to. The first gulag took place in the bathroom of Prison. The second gulag was based on the popular map Nuketown. Both busses where placed and you even had to possibility to climb on some places. The newest gulag is based on another popular map which made it’s debut on Black Ops II. Having a tank in the middle of the map and a Hightower, it’s clear the gulag is a remake of Standoff. In our opinion it’s a lot harder to guide your teammates to help them earn a comeback in the game. Even though the design looks great, winning the gulag turned a bit harder.

As mentioned earlier, not only the buildings have been taken care of, the flora and fauna have also been updated. This leaves room for speculations, cause will the weather change with the season we’re in. Before we know it, we could be playing in a snow covered Verdansk. Either way we are excited to continuously play Warzone. Let us know how you feel about the new map!