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Warzone Season 3

Just one more day before the nuke event finally starts. Since yesterday (19-4-2021) a new update to the game was brought with nerfing the Sykov gun and updating a new infected zone.

Just like Prison, Shipwreck and Hospital, TV station is now infected and reaches down to the gardens between TV station and stadium. The zombies moved there way up to dam, what makes us wonder if this place will get infected as well or it will be the final décor of the upcoming nuke event.

Rumours about a new map had increased since season two came closer to an end and with zombies taking over Verdansk, it became clear that the beloved city would be nuked. The only question that remained was how Verdansk was going to be nuked and what it is going to look like after.

A lot of gamers opted for a whole new map, what would result in the end of Verdansk. However, it is more likely a new map would be presented in 2022. In leaked images Verdansk remains somehow the same, but some new spots are added to game. An 80’s vibe is being rolled out across Verdansk according to those speculations.

Redditor Butterflychunks shared a map based on leaked game files and shows some new terrains on the beloved Verdansk map. A new factory, summit and an old school stadium with less seats and probably no roof are being mentioned in the thread.

Speculations about Zombies activating the nuke event could be rejected since, once again, leaked voice memos made clear the soldiers needed to take shelter, to save Verdansk. The end event will launch on 21-4-2021 at 9.00 pm Central European Summer Time in the Netherlands. So, we suggest you should be online around 8.30 pm to fully spectate the event. We can’t wait and will be definitely online to be part of the event!

Are you just as curious about the event as we are but you’re not in the position to attend it? Don’t worry we will update you about the game and the event! Stay tuned!