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Warzone season 4 started

New season

Another new season of Warzone started. The big battle royale gameplay where up to 150 people can strive for solo, duo, trio or quad wins has added some crazy new items and guns within the game. To excited to read it? Scroll down for an overview that tells you everything.

Ground Fall

Season four is based on satellites crashing down in Verdansk. The Ground Fall event brought some changes within the map to. For example, in the Plowed fields all the way east in Farmland, pieces of a satellite crash can be found. Another place where a satellite crashed down is in Transit. Places that had zero to minimum cover now have some what of cover when rushing through the area due to the crashed satellite.

The best part however, are the free mini satellites. When coming near a mini satellite you can hear some beeps. Once you’ve loacted the satellite due to the beeps, you’ve to secure it just like a recon contract. When you’ve secured the satellite a small object crashes down within 100 meters. You’ll get to see on your map where the object crashed. However, poachers could try to steal your loot. The satellites bring variety of extremely useful tools.

You could get yourself a loadout marker or an advanced UAV for multiple minutes. So, if you hear some beeps, it’s definitely worth trying to figure out where it came from to save yourself some money.

New guns

Warzone wouldn’t be Warzone if there was another load of criticism on the new weapons that had been released. The nail gun, the C58 and the MG82 made their debut. The nail gun can be bought in a special DLC. The other two guns can be obtained by challenges. When you find the C58 as a legendary gun from loot boxes you know you’re in a great position. The gun is powerful and doesn’t have much of recoil. The MG82 can’t be found legendary (luckily). The gun is extremely powerful and deadly on short as well as longer range. The attachments make the gun extremely powerful and with the big ammo size you could continue shooting like a madman.

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There is also a new vehicle added to the game. A dirt bike to be precisely. The bike is quite funny. However, sharp turns should be avoided since it’s not the most manoeuvrable vehicle in the game. Another thing that has been added are mysterious red doors. The doors act like transportation tools, just like the subway some seasons ago. There are 30 red doors all over the map and are definitely worth to try when seeing them. You could even end up to the famous Black Ops 1 room, where you were captured in the beginning.

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Maybe the most positive change has been made in the gulag. We loved Standoff in the online maps, but simply hated the gulag version. The new gulag is once again related to a famous previous map, Hijacked. The big yacht is an amazing venture for the gulag and a worthy successor of how a gulag should be.

Black Ops Cold War

If you’re not a big fan of Warzone, but you’re a fan of Hijacked you don’t have to worry you’ll miss out. In multiplayer there have been added four maps, including Hijacked. Other 6v6 maps are Collateral and Rush. Another new map Amsterdam can be played in 2v2 or 3v3. And if you’re more of a Zombie fan, you don’t have to worry either. There has been a new Outbreak area added called the Zoo and within the Outbreak area there is a new quest added. To top that, there will be a whole new Zombie map. Mauer der Toten is added to the Cold War series. A devastation zombie invasion has taken over big parts of East Berlin. The map is somehow based or has similarities with the U-Bahn map.

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New guns, new maps, new vehicles, new ways of transportation. We can’t deny that season 4 excited us and brings our best and worst to the table. The only negative part is the lag that more often occurs. However, we believe that this will be resolved quickly further in the season. Including the multiplayer maps and a new zombie map make season 4 on of the most worthy trying seasons for sure. For anymore updates stay tuned, we got your back!

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