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Warzone, ground loot, glitches and more

Since our last update about Warzone quite some things changed once again. We all know that with new features glitches will be there to. The new season had quite some glitches that people loved to use.

Why not start with a glitch that was close to our favourite landing spot, the gardens. By now it should be known about what place we are talking about however, we will explain you one more time. The gardens are located between TV Station, Stadium and Array. The small village consist of six houses, some sheds, and some garages where loot boxes can be found. The official name for this spot is Bloc 6 and it’s located in zone 4B.

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Landing near the houses and take a shortcut by jumping trough the window? Nope, the new season made it impossible to jump in some houses from the outside, resulting in becoming an easy target while trying to start looting or trying to flee the scene. We are talking about the biggest yellow houses. In the picture it concerns the house at the bottom left.

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Another glitch was near the previous small bunker. The shed which had literally no function became one of the dirtiest camp spots. With no difficulties you could jump into the shed trough the non-existing window. Once in the shed, the walls protected you for outside danger, however it was a free kill spot. When you were in the shed the walls where clear to see trough and give you free shots at anybody that was walking past. In the picuture above it is the small shed in the top right corner close to the road.

Another nerve recking glitch was when players glitched under the map, just like with the shed, in some places on the map you where able to jump trough walls and enter underground, being able to shoot anyone above you. When checking the area you wouldn’t be able to see anyone and think you had a safe route to buy your teammates back. In reality the glitchers where just chilling and waiting for an easy prey.

Now with the latest update those glitches where solved and changed some of the ground loot to. In the beginning the shotgun called streetsweeper was anywhere. It was maybe one of the most overpowered ground loot guns there was. On YouTube multiple videos appeared of solo’s being played with only the grey (!) streetsweeper and wins could still be achieved. It proofed how overpowered the gun was.

Now the glitches are fixed, and the loot is back to normal, the game is back to its best. However, hackers found new ways to ruin the game and videos started to circulate of people shooting on the ground, not even hitting the player, to secure the kill. Those type of players ruin it for the rest. Even though Activision has had multiple ban waves, it seems it can’t get rid of them.

If we have more news on Warzone, we will update you, stay tuned!