Xbox Live Gold games August

Xbox Live Gold

That Sony and Microsoft are big competitors is nothing new. That they also work with the same revenue models is neither anything new for us. PlayStation Plus was introduced in 2010 and created a paywall to play online on the PlayStation 4. Three years later Xbox introduced Xbox Live Gold, a similar paywall around online gaming and monthly free games. Fast forward to 2021 and not having an online membership while gaming is almost unthinkable.

Xbox has some quality games this month and provides four different games that are having a limited download period. The difference with PlayStation however is that games in the PlayStation store can be stored in the library after purchase (even though the game was free). With Xbox there is a limited time to download and play the game. Once the expire date has been reached the games has to be bought. So it’s more likely to see the Gold membership as a membership to play online games. And with the membership you get the opportunity to try out games. Nevertheless, lets hop to this month’s games.

Darksiders III

Darksiders III is an action role-playing video game developed by Gunfire Games and published by THQ Nordic for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 27, 2018, with a Nintendo Switch version coming on September 30, 2021. It is a sequel to Darksiders II and the third entry in the Darksiders series. In this hack-and-slash action adventure, assume the role of Fury, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in her quest to hunt down the Seven Deadly Sins. Explore an open-ended, living world, and use your whip and magic to restore the balance between good and evil.


The game is a spiritual successor to the Banjo-Kazooie series and managed to collect a record amount of 2 million pounds via the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. Explore huge, beautiful worlds and meet an unforgettable cast of characters. As buddy duo, Yooka & Laylee, embark on an epic quest to thwart the corporate villain, Capital B, and his devious scheme to absorb all of the world’s literature.

Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet 3 is a third-person shooter action-adventure video game developed by Spark Unlimited and published by Capcom for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is the predecessor to Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Lost Planet 2 and takes place on same planet of EDN III. In the game you delve deeper into the history of the Lost Planet universe. In this prequel to the previous entries, relive the adventures of Jim Peyton as he reveals the hidden truths within the environments of E.D.N. III, in a highly engrossing single player experience.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

As the last entry of the classic Fatal Fury series, select over a dozen different fighters to participate in the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament. Featuring the T.O.P. fighting system, and a defence and counter mechanic, prove to your opponent that legends don’t die…they get better!

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is a fighting game developed and published by SNK. The computer game was released as an arcade game on November 26, 1999 and was released for the Neo Geo. on February 25, 2000. The game was later on released for both PlayStation and Xbox.